On my design wall

It’s been a busy and eventful week.

DSCN0345-001‘Rainy Day People’ was accepted as a finalist for the Cloth Paper Scissors Make Mine Mini reader challenge, so it’s on its way to be considered for publication (along with 53 other finalists).


My ‘Cool Blue Kona Modern’ is on the way to Austin TX for QuiltCon, and I entered ‘Even Trees Get the Blues’ and ‘Looking Up’ in the Canadian Quilters’ National Juried Show.TerryAske_KonaModern              TerryAske_EvenTreesGetTheBlues  Aske.Terry-LookingUp.Terry-Look_Up-FULL-1

I finished my entry for the Quilting Arts magazine Map It Out reader challenge, and submitted it today.  It’s a map of the area where I live, near Vancouver BC, on the bank on the Fraser River.   I love the contrast of the natural curving lines of the riverbanks and the geometric shapes of  man-made streets and structures.

I decided to do the major roads and railways with couched embroidery thread.  I quilted additional streets in each ‘neighborhood’ area.  I think the back looks really cool. TerryAske_WhereILive_full  TerryAske_WhereILive_back

Scrappy Trip blocksOn Saturday, I attended a joint sew-in of the Vancouver and Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guilds.  Several of us participated in a Scrappy Trip block challenge (have you been bitten by that bug yet?).  I’ve been watching the craziness on Flickr and other blogs, but this was the first block I made.  We drew numbers to see which of us would take the blocks home.  I didn’t win, but a quilt based on this concept is definitely on my to-do list.

I spent most of my time at the sew-in working on my Madrona Road quilt.  I’ve long wanted to make a Lone Star quilt, and recently I’ve seen several tutorials for Scrappy Lone Star quilts. I knew that would be perfect for the Madrona Road.  This is the tutorial I’m using.  Right now the background you see is my design wall (a beige-taupe color). I was stuck on what color background to use – gray seemed to cold.  I wanted something a bit warmer, but didn’t want to overpower the prints.  Fortunately, Spool of Thread carries the full line of Kona solids.  I decided Kona Straw (very similar to the color of my design wall) will look great with the Modrona Road prints.  I’m aiming to get it finished before the January 31st deadline.  TerryAske_MadronaRoad_in progress

As always, I’m linking up with these blogs for WiP Wednesday.  Click on the buttons below to see all the people participating and check out their projects.

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12 Responses to On my design wall

  1. Maryellen says:

    The map is so cool! The back is as interesting as the front. You are amazing!

  2. Karen says:

    Well done on the map it out quilt, it looks great! I love that there is so much detail on the back in the quilting, and the Madrona Road stars are just gorgeous :o)

  3. Régina says:

    All your projects are awesome. Best of luck for your entries!

  4. marginmirror says:

    Congratulations on your wonderful entries, Terry — and your map is definitely cool!

  5. Some pretty impressive projects! Love the stars and the map.

  6. felicity says:

    Terry, I absolutely love the map. LOVE it.

  7. Melissa says:

    Wow!! So cool!! The map is FABULOUS! And I hope it wins because I can’t imagine anything that could be better! And the scrappy lone stars? Those are REALLY cool! I love how some have black tips and some don’t. 🙂 Janice’s original quilt is SO fabulous, and like you, I’m now inspired to make one. Good for you for doing it for your Madrona Road challenge! I haven’t even unbundled my fabrics…doubt I’ll be making the January 31st deadline, eh? 🙂

  8. Penny says:

    WOW. I hope my art quilts looks this good someday!

  9. Char says:

    Congratulations Terry on all the entries. I love Rainy Day People. I was bitten by the bug myself though I only made two blocks so far ( sidetracked with Valentine stuff) but I plan to get back to them soon.

  10. Emily says:

    Your quilts are beautiful! I especially love the city map and the Lone Stars. I’ll have to check out that tutorial.

  11. Everything looks great!
    How fun that you got to go to a sew in. I so want to do things like that–and mostly because it’s so rare that I get any sewing done unless I take my machine away from home.

    I came in to see the diamonds. I was gifted a pretty good sized box of pre-cut diamonds, but looking at them, I am clueless as to how to sew them together. I will have to check out youtube when I get around to working with them.

  12. The lone stars look great. But I LOVE the back of the neighbourhood quilt! I wish people always showed photos (or lots of photos) of the back of quilts, it really adds another dimension to the quilt 🙂

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