Weekend finish – 2014.01.26 – New design wall

I stumbled across this wonderful design wall a few weeks ago.  It’s two-sided, it stands up straight by itself, and it’s on wheels!   It’s made from two pieces on styrofoam attached to a rolling coat rack.  I contacted Lynne to ask if it was still working for her.  She confirmed that it’s standing up well, and even gave me some construction tips.

T.Aske - portable hinged design wallThis is exactly what I need!  I have no bare walls in my quilt studio, so my existing design wall leans against a wall of cupboards.  It is moveable, but still needs to be propped against something.  Also, because it’s inconvenient to move the design wall around, I’m not using the space behind it very efficiently.

IMG_7997-001My rolling folding table fits into a cubbyhole behind the design wall.   For quite a while, the rolling table just sat in it’s cubbyhole because it was a hassle to get it out.  Then, after I made an ironing mat to fit the top of it, I moved it out into the studio.  But now it never goes back into its cubbyhole, and the shelf behind the design wall has become a dumping ground for fabric scraps.

I finally got all the materials and tools together, and assembled my new design wall this weekend.  Now that I can wheel the wall around, I’ll be able to access and utilize the shelf and cupboards currently behind the design wall.  In the photo on the left, the new design wall is standing in the usual place.  In the photo on the right, it’s standing next to the usual place.

light gray side    NOT against a wall

I decided to cover one side with light gray fabric, and the other with dark gray.  The photos above show the light gray side.  Below, you can see the dark gray side, and a close-up photo of both sides with the end of the coat rack poking out.

dark gray side  2-sided design wall

I’m planning to document my construction methods in a tutorial, but I want to wait a couple of weeks to make sure it all stays together and doesn’t require any modifications.


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7 Responses to Weekend finish – 2014.01.26 – New design wall

  1. Marianne says:

    This is fabulous….I’ve been wanting to make one of these for a while…..I’ll be looking forward to the tutorial.

  2. Renate says:

    Oh I want one of those too! Can’t wait for your tutorial, but I think I get the gist of how it’s done.

  3. that looks like just the thing! looking forward to your tutorial!

  4. I love this, Terry! I look forward to the tutorial. You’re so sweet to work out the bugs for us! : D

  5. Love this! I wish I had room for one myself!

  6. Pam Geisel says:

    What a great use of space!

  7. rhealey101 says:

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