Trunk show and work in progress – 2015.03.20

On Wednesday morning I packed up about 40 of my quilts in my rolling cart, and headed to North Vancouver to do a presentation and trunk show for the Seymour Quilters’ Guild.

Quilts for trunk show2

The members of the guild seemed to enjoy my presentation and had lots of questions about my techniques and compliments about my work.  And they have already posted a write-up about my trunk show with some great pictures (including the photo above).

Back in the quilt studio, I’ve been working on an entry for the latest Quilting Arts Magazine reader challenge ‘Birds of a Feather’.   The theme reminded me of some photos from our vacation in the British Virgin Islands a few years ago.  We were fascinated by the small terns hanging out on the beach.  They have distinctive black caps, and they tend to all stand facing in the same direction – into the wind (except when we tried to take a picture of them, when some of them would invariably turn toward the camera).

BVI terns  BVI terns 2

I drew a stylized version of a tern and made 3 of them, each a slightly different size and with some variation in fabrics, and positioned them all facing the same direction.  I’m just trying to decide on what fabric to use for the sea in the background.  Any opinions?  (Please excuse the creases in the fabrics.)


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7 Responses to Trunk show and work in progress – 2015.03.20

  1. I like either of the first two (top row) love the Terns

  2. Oh, wow, I like all those backgrounds! Can’t resist giving my two cents’ worth. I like the top two the best for color and light (most like your photo), but the last one has a neat reflection thing going on for an entirely different feel. Funny how I always have ideas and opinions about other people’s work, but can never make up my mind about my own. It will be fun to see what you decide. Congrats on the successful trunk show!

  3. The one on the top right is bright like sunlight. The bottom right is so dramatic and creates a mood. What look and feel do you want to impart?
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  4. The terns and their block try-outs are great! I think the movement in the second is closest to the photo, but like the last one on bottom right best.

  5. Chris Thomas says:

    Middle top if going for realism. Bottom left for a more modern, stylized look

  6. Jo says:

    The last one caught my eye

  7. I like the 2nd one, the top right hand side. Love the birds!

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