On my design wall – 2015.05.01

Now that my SAQA auction entry is finished, I’m back working on the wedding anniversary portrait.

On the left below is how it looked last week.  I found a medium gray fabric that works well for the groom’s shirt. And a black & white floral fabric for the background. I decided the groom’s face was too yellow and green, and needed some other colors.  I changed the neck fabric to a blue fabric.  I like the color but it’s too light as you can see in the black & white version. Even though I’m using surrealist colors, value is still important.

Wedding portrait - in progress  Wedding portrait - in progress-2  Wedding portrait - in progress-2-bw


Next, I tried a slightly darker blue, which I’m happy with.  I also changed the fabric for the ear.  I think both ear fabrics I’ve tried are too dark, so I’m going to find a lighter one.  Then I will be ready to fuse and stitch.

Wedding portrait - in progress-3  Wedding portrait - in progress-3-bw


Thanks for stopping by.  Today, I’m linking up with these blogs – click on the links below, where you’ll find many creative and inspirational projects.

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3 Responses to On my design wall – 2015.05.01

  1. caydenise says:

    Have you decided how you’re going to quilt it?

  2. Diane says:

    I really like your style of art/photo quilts. There are only so many quilts you can make. I recently became interested in portrait art quilts.

  3. Amazing! Its the eyes- they look sew in love, even in fabric:)

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