A Modern Mini Circle Quilt – 2015.09.06

I’ve been working on another circle quilt – this one is for the VMQG Modern Mini Showcase at the upcoming Vancouver Quilters’ Guild Quilt Show in October.   Our goal for the display is to put on a beautiful showcase of Modern Mini Quilts. Modern quilting is a new concept for lots of folks and this is a great opportunity to share our work and educate viewers about modern quilting.  All our quilts will be made from solid fabrics only and will have a maximum perimeter of 80 inches.

I used some of my favorite colors in an asymmetrical circle design.   My quilt is 20 x 20 inches.  I stitched it with vertical lines, spaced irregularly.  Some of the quilted lines are very close together – referred to as matchstick quilting – often used by modern quilters.  This gives an interesting texture to the quilt.



I used a variety of thread colors, matching them to the fabrics in each circle, which means they are contrasting with the surrounding fabrics.  I pieced the binding, and then machine stitched it with a contrasting color, and stitched 3 rows, in keeping with the matchstick quilting idea.



As with my last circle quilt, I had a hard time coming up with a title for this one, so I asked for suggestions on Instagram.  I got lots of fabulous suggestions (and will likely use some of them in the future for other quilts)!  I decided to go with ‘Eclipse’ suggested by Debbie of A Quilter’s Table – thanks Debbie!


Thanks for stopping by.  Today, I’m linking up with these blogs – click on the links below, where you’ll find many creative and inspirational projects.

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7 Responses to A Modern Mini Circle Quilt – 2015.09.06

  1. I love it! You have many of my favourite elements here, matchstick quilting, solids, circles, it’s fantastic. And what an interesting binding treatment, I might try that one day soon.

  2. Diane says:

    Oh, I love this! Nice job!!

  3. This is such an awesome quilt. I love the design and the quilting.

  4. Love the combination of solids with the shapes. They contrast just enough with each other but don’t clash in the least. I so wish I could attend the show! Please share photos, please, please?

  5. kaholly says:


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