New art quilt – background – 2017.07.10

I’m working on the background for a new art quilt, and decided to try some techniques that are new to me.  I decided to make the sky and water portions from strips of fabric cut freehand with a rotary cutter – but no ruler, and sewn with raw edges – no fusible web.  I just ironed the strips to a piece of batting, overlapping them and stitched along the edges.

I liked the look, but the fabrics frayed more than I had hoped.  If I had used batiks or more tightly woven fabrics, that would have been less of a problem, but I selected the fabrics by color and pattern, not by weave.  (I’m particularly pleased with the plaid and flower fabrics for sky, and touchs of purple.)


I considered adding more strips, possibly with fusible web to control the fraying.  Then I remembered that bias-cut edges don’t fray!  So, for the sky portion I cut smaller pieces as ‘clouds’, cutting the fabrics diagonally so the edges were on the bias.  I positioned them to cover the worst of the fraying and used a bit of glue to hold them in place.  Then I added a lot more wavy horizontal stitching lines.


And for the water portion, I added ‘waves’ cut on the bias.


I’m much happier now with my background.  I also had to remind myself that it’s just the background.  When I add the foreground elements, they will cover a lot of the background and draw the attention of the viewer.

If you check back later this week, I’ll have added the foreground elements to this art quilt.

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