New art quilt – Bridge 2 – 2017.07.15

Bridge 2 on my art quilt (see previous posts for more information about this piece) is the Pattullo Bridge, opened in 1937.  This is a beautiful structure, with its graceful arched shape, intricate angled beams, and distinctive colors.  (I have not been able to determine if the bridge was painted orange and blue when it was built, or if these colors came later – but I love the colors!)  You can read more about the history of this bridge here.

My intention is to emphasize the shapes and colors of this bridge, not to produce a photo-realistic image.  So I used brighter colors, and simplified the structural details.

I used the same techniques as I did for Bridge 1 – see my previous post.   In the image below you can see the sheer interfacing overlay I used to position the pieces of the bridge (it is difficult to see the lines drawn on the overlay in this photo, but trust me, they are there).  In the second image, I flipped the overlay up and fused the pieces in place.

Then I stitched the detail lines, as follows:

  1. from the front, I stitched around the edges with black thread.
  2. this is how it looked from the back.
  3. then I cut the sheer interfacing apart and fused this part to the back, aligning it to the stitched outlines.  Then, still from the back, I stitched the detail lines.
  4. this is how it looks from the front.


Here is what it looks like at this point.


I have lots more stitching to do from the front.  I will be stitching the outlines and details again – either several times with regular weight thread, or once with heavier weight thread.  I have to do some experimenting first.


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2 Responses to New art quilt – Bridge 2 – 2017.07.15

  1. Thank you for so generously sharing your methods. Using the sheer interfacing on the back to stitch the lines without marking the front is a great technique. I look forward to the final bridges.

  2. Hi Terry. Your project is really coming along. That’s a lot of work! Thanks for sharing and linking to Celebrate – Fetons 150

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