New art quilt – Bridge 3 and the W – 2017.07.19

Bridge number 3 on my art quilt (see previous posts for more information about this piece) is the Skybridge (part of the greater Vancouver rapid transit system).   This is the third time I’ve made an art quilt including this bridge.  It is the subject of my quilt ‘Swoop‘ and it’s in the background of ‘Dramatically Diagonal‘ (just recently given an official title).

I created the 3rd bridge using the same techniques as the first 2 bridges.

  1. I fused the bridge deck to the front of the quilt (then I stitched the edges from the front – not shown).
  2. I fused the sheer interfacing line drawing to the back, and stitched the cable lines from the back.
  3. I stitched the cable lines again from the front.


Then it was time to create the W (see this post for information about the real W).  I wanted the W to look realistic and dimensional, but didn’t want to fiddle with overlapping all the small pieces.  I decided to construct it on a base of black fabric.  These are the steps I followed (left to right):

  1. I cut the W from a photo I had printed at the desired size, then drew the lines of the shapes of the W with a marker.
  2. On the back, I re-traced the lines and marked each section L(ight), M(edium) or D(ark).
  3. I placed the W on a piece of freezer paper.
  4. I traced the outline of the W on the freezer paper.
  5. I cut the W out, and pressed the freezer paper outline onto thin black fabric.
  6. I traced the various shapes from step 2 to fusible web and fused it to the back of light, medium and dark rust-colored fabrics.  I positioned the fused fabrics on the black fabric within the freezer paper outline, then fused them in place.
  7. Then I carefully peeled off the freezer paper outline.
  8. I fused MistyFuse to the back of the black fabric.
  9. Then I cut closely around the W.  I left a slight line of black, which I later trimmed even more before fusing the W to the quilt.


I added the gray foreground piece and quilted it, then fused the W in place and quilted it.  Here’s how it looks now.  It just needs a back and a facing.


Here’s how it looks from the back.  I’ve done all the quilting through just a layer of batting – no backing fabric.  Now I’m going to fuse the back on, then apply a facing.  (You can see how I elongated the piece by moving the Skybridge higher and the W lower than they were in my original drawing.)


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5 Responses to New art quilt – Bridge 3 and the W – 2017.07.19

  1. pegsplace says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing the process. You inspire to forge ahead with my series. Thanks.

  2. Plum Cox says:

    Fabulous! Thanks for sharing how you made this – lots of food for thought there!

  3. christine says:

    that looks awesome and so realistic as I know exactly where the ‘W’ is located.

  4. Wow!!! It really is amazing, and even more work! It really shows. Thanks for linking to Celebrate – Fetons 150

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