Mounting art quilts on wrapped canvas – 2017.11.02

The IAD Anonymous Show is over now, so I can post more information about my 3 entries to the show – ‘Jade Sky at Morning’, ‘Jade Sky at Night’ and ‘Mod Dog’.

‘Jade Sky at Morning’ is a photo of a local New Westminster landmark – WOW Westminster – that I digitally enhanced, printed on fabric, fused to felt and machine-quilted.

‘Jade Sky at Night’ is a photo of another local landmark – the Pattullo Bridge – also digitally-enhanced, printed, fused and quilted.

‘Mod Dog’ is a fun fabric collage that I made a few years ago.


One of the requirements of the show was that all entries be on 12”x12”x1 ½” gallery wrapped canvases or wooden cradles.  I bought 3 wrapped canvases, then started researching how to mount an art quilt on wrapped canvas or stretcher bars.  There are lots of options, including painting the canvas or covering it with fabric, attaching the art quilt with glue, stitching through the canvas, etc.

As I was debating which method to use, I happened across Susan Carlson’s blog post which describes several methods of hanging and displaying quilts.  Susan’s technique for ‘Stretching onto Stretcher Bars’ seemed the perfect solution to me.

This is what my entries looked like from the back (apologies for the bad lighting).


P.S. both ‘Jade Sky at Morning’ and ‘Jade Sky at Night’ sold at the show!


Thanks for stopping by.  Today, I’m linking up with these blogs – click on the links below, where you’ll find many other creative projects to inspire you.

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3 Responses to Mounting art quilts on wrapped canvas – 2017.11.02

  1. Barbara says:

    Congratulations on your sale!

  2. Emily says:

    The link to susan’s Blog was interesting reading! Thanks 🙂 congratulations on your sales 🙂 you’re inspiring me at just the right moment:) thanks for always sharing

  3. Congrats on your show successes! I can’t keep up with all you do! 🙂 I have done this sort of thing but use batting (instead of felt) on only the portion of the piece that’s on the top of the canvas. I use Misty Fuse to affix it, and then add staples as a precaution. I really like your way of labelling. What a great idea! 🙂

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