Commissioned Art Quilts

Here are some art quilts I have made for private collections. For commissioned pieces, the starting point is often a specific size and color theme.

“Paradise Garden”  70″ x 35″  (c) 2009

Paradise Garden was a commission work. The client specified the subject matter and size of the quilt (3 feet by 6 feet) and left the rest to me.  Inspired by the vividly colored Bird of Paradise flower, this art quilt is constructed from batiks and commercial cotton fabrics. Machine pieced and quilted from my original design, the quilt highlights the radiant orange and vibrant violet-blue petals against the dark, lush colors of the jungle forest. Private collection.


“African Angles Triptych”  84″ x 48″  (c) 2006

This triptych was custom designed for a private collection.  It features bold colorful African fabrics, as well as commercial cottons and batiks, in a geometric design on a cream background with dramatic black borders.

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    Hello , it’s a wonderfull pach …I like verry much , thank’s

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