Modern, Abstract Quilts

Here are many of my modern / abstract quilts.  The most recent are at the top.

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5 Responses to Modern, Abstract Quilts

  1. Gillian Wallace says:

    These are fabulous. I love your designs.

  2. LynnAnn says:

    Love these, your designs and color choices are very inspiring. I’m curious to know if you plan what you do in advance or do you design as you sew?

    • TerryAske says:

      Thank you. My design approach varies – for some quilts I design as I sew, and for others I plan in advance and draw out a full-size plan. In most cases, even those with a plan do evolve as I create them.

  3. mark finney scuba ,marr~k@ says:

    hi there i have just vewied your quilts very intresting and inspering are they for sale ? what price are they ?

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